You don’t have to be a tech company to need tech solutions and finding the right IT resources to help your business excel can be time consuming and expensive.

To solve this on-going challenge, we offer quick access to professional training, placement services, and project work for companies and IT professionals alike. Our unique ability to provide all three not only saves you time and money, but makes it easier for you to cultivate and retain great tech talent and keep your company moving forward the way that it should.

Our leveraged partnerships keep our pipeline filled with entry to advanced level talent to meet your full-time and temporary IT personnel needs and provides real-world training curriculum to level up your existing IT team.

“39% of job seekers today consider ‘job growth’ to be a top characteristic when evaluating a new job opportunity.”



Other companies offer either software developer training, placement services, or project work. Codigo offers all three. We provide tech innovation solutions for companies as well as assist software developers in the advancement of their careers.