Matching Talent

Codigo offers advanced, mid, and entry level talent match-ups for full-time and temporary personnel needs.

Production is lagging and deadlines are looming, yet employee positions are still left unfilled and the workload keeps growing. Sound familiar? No doubt the recruiting and hiring process can be stressful and exhausting. Not to mention costly.

Codigo is in the business of creating a perfect match between companies and IT professionals. We assess the requirements needed for the job as well as your company culture to ensure candidates are a good fit. With our “try before you buy” option and affordable recruiting fees, companies can rest assure that all resources are maximized and turnover stays low.

Codigo streamlines the hiring process delivering perfect fit candidates. Every time.

Assess Your Needs

Instead of just working with job descriptions, we find we’re most successful when we have in-depth conversations with the hiring managers to really get to the meat of who is successful on the team and why. This helps us find out what qualities successful team members have and match potential candidates to your hiring style.

Identify Candidates

Codigo has an extensive database of qualified candidates plus a steady stream of entry level full stack web developers at the ready. We bring over 30 years of industry experience to our business and a slew of strategic partners to ensure we get the best people.

Coordinate Interviews

We’ll coordinate and/or conduct phone screenings, face-to-face interviews and capture candidate feedback. We can also assist with onboarding, paperwork, first day instructions and more. Let us know how much or how little you need in this area and we’ll go from there.

Save You Money

No 25% fee here – we charge less so you can afford higher quality talent. We also offer Payroll Services for when you need the help but not the headcount.

Candidate Skillset Enhancement

Our software development training services enable us to quickly get that almost-perfect candidate the extra tech knowledge necessary to meet your needs.